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At Kougebaquak Sarah Melanson O'Neill age 8

At Kougebaquak

I saw a new sort of bird. I walked on one trail though the forest. There was lots of leaves on the ground. The guide told us about Kougebaquak. There could be bears in the forest and lots of different sorts of mushrooms.

There are seals. There were lots of trees. He taught is about lichens. he showed us some animals and their houses. It was a Karabou. There was a wolf too and a wolvorin but they didn't live in the tree.

There no rabits in the forest. There are only hirs. and the difransis are: when rabits are born they have no ferre and when hirs are born they have ferre. And in the spring hirs turn brown and rabits don't they stay their own colour.

A wolvolrin's pee is 10 times wers than a skunk.

Redemption by Kevin Bell

Twelve years ago I was drinking at a lad's place. He and a couple of fellows were going to Calgary the next day. I got a spot of $500.00 from my dad and when I came to I was in a motel room in Alberta.

After a month of hard drinking, my credit card maxed out. It was time to find work. I worked two weeks got a pay then quit. I was all alone so I hopped to bus to Fort St. John B.C.

In Fort St. John, I hit the welfare system and kept partying, sleeping on floors and couches. One night while drinking I got invited out to a club. After finishing my 26er of white rum, I missed the cab ride; I decided to walk.

It was a cool night in December, snowing lightly, when seemingly out of nowhere a Native woman gently took my hand. My initial thought was that I was going to get lucky tonight.

She told me her name and said that she had a vision to meet me here. We walked off the road into a stand of trees; she asked me to place my hands on a particular tree, she then sang and chanted in her language. She told me that I was in the Peace River Valley for a reason and that she had a message for me. She told me that I had to get sober and she called me a “warrior of the truth”.

She gave me knowledge of spiritual values as opposed materialistic values. She opened my eyes. It didn't happen the next day but now I'm clean and sober. 

 Redemption is there for all of us.

Women Priests Phonse O'Neil age 97

Four thousand years ago, before the birth of Christ many people of that time were of peasant ancestry, having little or no education knew little about morals, values, or human rights. This was a cruel and evil world where man by way of the ruthless use of sword had become very powerful, very proud and a tyrant.

Man could do nothing wrong, did not have an equal, did not have to account to any power for he was the greatest, women were weaklings, who could be abused and used at will, deserving only contempt.

At a Lateran Council in the forth century a decision was made to ban women from ordination to the priesthood. These men did not obey God's commandment concerning unconditional love.These people judged women as unworthy, not worthy of God's gift of Holy Orders.

This ban is anti-God and a violation of God's great virtues namely humility love mercy and divine perfection and supernatural holy intelligence.This banned scorned all women, thus imposing on the conscience of Christianity two great evils that of false pride and hatred.

On implementing this ban these men committed the cardinal sin of exclusion for it in up to Almighty God to judge who is worthy of his Holy sacraments. If a woman has a vocation, that is between her and God and decisions made in the earthly realm should take a back seat.

Catholics the world over have prayed constantly for vocations to the priesthood but God has remained silent. This silence is natural because of the false pride that follows this ban.

These men at the council would not accept women into an institution in which they members. This would suggest equality.

It is almost unbelievable that there are so many children who will never know the presence of a parish priest, while at the same time, there are so many devout women well versed in Christian doctrine who are convinced they have been called to the priesthood.

The hierarchy must learn and live God's great virtue of humility for without this virtue love of God and love of thy neighbour is not possible. Equally important is that the church hierarchy must honour the truth that men and women are equals as each is endowed with an immortal soul.

God being all just, could not and did not elevate man as women's superior for this would be discrimination. This is something that is against God's great virtues of peace and harmony. When Catholics pray the Stations of the Cross we celebrate the humility of our Lord. The questions remains, do we the laity appreciate what God's plan is to do what is necessary to remove this ban on Women's ordination as a policy of our Catholic Church.

Our thoughts have far reaching effect Harry Walker

Our thoughts have far reaching effect Harry Walker

Miramichi Leader Sept 27, 2007

We are all partly responsible for the condition that our world is in. Every action we take, every word we speak and even every thought we think has its effect in the world.

If you think that I am taking it too far when I say that every thought we think affects the world, then consider this: our actions and our words spring from our thoughts; and therefore, our thoughts, at least indirectly affect our world.

At the very least, it is obvious that our thought direction affect our individual lives.

For instance, our thoughts affect our appearance, our health, the expression on our face, the clothes we wear and our attitude towards everything and everybody.

All of this, of course, affects the people around us --- the people we interact with, and again, through the ripple effect, affects other people beyond those we personally come in contact with. In this way we make a contribution to the condition of the world we live in.

This contribution can be positive or negative; or more precisely a combination of both. So, we are all responsible, in some degree, for the condition that our world is in.

Let us not look for a scapegoat when things go wrong, but let is acknowledge our part in the mess. Mercy, compassion and forgiveness are much needed in our society. Nothing less can heal our wounds. We are paralyzed by self-righteousness.

The chaos theory in physics suggests that a butterfly fluttering its wings on one side of the planet affects the climate on the other side.

Then isn’t it considerably more reasonable to believe that our thoughts affect the mental and moral climate on the other side of our planet? Look at our history and we see that many people’s thoughts have had very far-reaching effects – indirectly at least, if not directly.

Cluster Theory a Theory of Everything

I am a retired lawyer. I look for puzzles to entertain myself and cluster theory is among one of the things I use to distract and intrigue myself.

I tell people all the time that I never have had an original thought in my life so my task is to find amusement and distraction in the original thoughts of others.

I borrowed some equations from Pierre de Fermat, a 16th century mathematician lawyer, and Albert Einstein who developed the theory of relativity and merely added to them.

I had very poor marks (50s) in high school math, but I used to get in the 90th percentile range on provincial standardized tests. On these tests I just guessed at the one that looked right.

In 2004, I was having a creative period of mania and came up with what I call cluster theory. I haven't been able to duplicate the exact form of the equations due to my lack of knowledge of an equation editor so it probably easier if I just describe the function of the main equation.

I was working on a project that had in theory a number of components that looked like clusters. As a distraction I looked on the internet for the mathematician Fermat. He had an equation that required the input of two prime numbers {a} and {p}.

As I worked the equation, it appeared that the purpose was a numerical machine for prime numbers.

The shape of this equation included corkscrews and I likened it to an elaborate birdhouse with spirals not unlike the clusters that I had been working on.

It is my opinion that the inputs into this prime number machine are like stem cells; fundamental forces in science. The inputs are forced into the machine and result in the building blocks of our universe.

It is from these two fundamental forces that all things spring whether it be physics, chemistry, or the social sciences. These two fundamental forces are in simple terms marketing and group dynamics.

I worked out the various mathematical variations all night and by morning I wanted to tell the world to stop working on these equations and concentrate on something else. By then everyone knew I was manic and I landed in the hospital. My mathematical proofs were thrown in the garbage.

In the hospital over the next number of weeks, I worked out the equations on a white board to see if they were accurate. To me they worked out. They were more shapes than numbers. I didn't care that other people didn't understand, I wanted to find my own proof.

Every essay I ever did in university was written in one sitting. I would read what was needed and write the essay without changes. After the essay was finished I would remember very little about the details of the subject, usually only the theme.

It is the same with my equations. I can't even start to duplicate the math that went into solving them but I know what the answers are. The answers are shown in terms would be understandable to most people. It is how I remember the shape of the equations.

I did a History Degree with a number of courses in the History of Science so even though I wasn't in the scientific profession I did have some exposure to the evolution of thought in the sciences. 

There were three books that I referred to while attempting to articulate this theory:

A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
The Elegant Universe by  Brian Greene

Physics Demystified  A self teaching guide

I would venture to say that John Steinbeck, John Milton, Stephen King and every other author I have ever read has had much to do with the way I view the "math." in cluster theory.

My equation shows that there is a variable in every instance.

x = uncertainty (you change something just by observing it)

[e=mc²] + x= a

a must be prime
p must be prime

[e=mc²] + x = prime

[e=mc²] + x = a

e = energy
c = speed of light
m = mass

a = group dynamics
p = vector

I sum it up as such......

energy equals mass times the speed of light squared

T times the speed of light squared equals mass times the speed of light squared

T= mass

T= thought

mass plus thought equals matter

matter is neither created nor destroyed

thought times the speed of light squared

equals mass times the speed of light squared

equals energy

In case any body cares, there are as many dimensions as there are prime numbers. Each of them is unique, just like us.

The four forces that would represent the fundamental forces as outlined in Cluster Theory can be explained in my terms as Group Dynamics, Supply, Marketing and Demand each of them having an inverse relationship in concert yet when acting together they are none the less equal to each other for having that relationship.

Peter E. O'Neill

Miramichi Backslider (founding members Art Murphy and Ronnie "Jesus" Morrison

Ran into Art Murphy October 25, 2007.

I hadn't seen him in about 3 years, and before that years and before that etc...
Each time I saw him there was beauty and a warmth between us that you just can't put into words. I know now, he was my mentor.

Recently, I was asked to be a mentor at the local college. I thought it meant that I was to be a tutor and teach or instruct. At the college, I found the mentor who reminded me of the most important lesson in life.

Throughout my life, I had, like most of us, not always, but sometimes, overlooked learning from the forgotten people. Overlooking wisdom is a common human frailty.

After I was diagnosed, I spent a lot of time in the psych ward, there were lots of people like me. In there, as in most places, we all had labels.

I was no longer the lawyer; I was the manic depressive. From then on, at least absorbing the self stigma that I wore, things would always be perceived differently.

I had to discard all labels and put everything aside in order to survive. People look for any type of connection and often it was a connection of ideas, thoughts or circumstances.

I met some of the smartest and wisest people I have ever met there; I often didn't know their occupations or sometimes even their names but many of these individuals were truly gifted.

When I got out, I would pick up my old habits. Labels started to apply again. I didn't like the way that my new label made me feel or how I felt that label warped the perception of myself by others.

Funny thing, after I questioned my own label, I started questioning everyone else's. It took a lifetime to learn. There are no real labels, only people.

I knew I wasn't crazy, I was just unique. Each life has its own set of joys and tragedies. We deal with, communicate and adapt to this set of circumstances each and every moment.

Choosing this moment to reflect on the joys and sometimes tragedies will make the next moment different.

Wisdom and learning surround us. Sometimes I need to be reminded that you can learn something important from every single person you meet. It makes the next moment different. Puzzles are only hard when we impose rules on them. It is those limitations that keep us from letting our souls soar.

I stopped by one night with something for Art to read. It was a journal that I had been writing in; they were my private thoughts. I wanted to share them with someone that would not only understand, but be honest with me about them.

I thought that some of the things that I had written not only had meaning to me but they had imagery and stood alone.

Just as I was leaving, he gave me his CD First Gear by Backslider. He and our friend Ronnie had put a band together because they just wanted to play music. If you are a musician, you paint pictures with sound and words.

If you paint something beautiful, there is this need to share it. I shared pictures that I had painted with words and Art shared his music. That CD became our theme album and gave a lift to the whole family. My children loved those songs and each had their favourite.

It gave us a beauty and an understanding of poetry and song that will continue to roll around our heads and like in the uncluttered mind of a child, always be close to the surface, just waiting to be accessed.

Those memories, for us, will be precious. There isn't enough money in the world that I would trade for that particular gift.

I shared my journal with Art. He is the first person outside my family that read it.

I thought that there was something worthwhile in my journal, but I turned to my mentor because I knew he would give me an honest opinion. He told me it was real; so I summoned up the courage to keep walking.

Some day, when I grow up, I want to be like him.

his web site is

his CD can be found at

Lucky Ticket Brian Doyle age 13

My Lucky Ticket It was mid August when my family and I went to the Gold Cup & Saucer horserace in Charlottetown, PEI. I was very excited because last year I won $38.00 and this year I was hoping to win more.

When I was in line with my dad waiting to bet, I saw this lady drop her ticket so I went up and passed it to her. The lady said that it wasn’t hers but she said I could keep it. The rain was pouring down and I was soaking wet.

I read the ticket out loud. “1 to win 3 to place and 8 to show”.

The race began and number 1 was in the lead, 3 was in 4th and 8 was second last. I began to lose hope in that lucky ticket I found. I was worrying that the horses on that ticket wouldn’t win.

The horses were in the exact same places as they were at the beginning. If number 8 had enough strength to pull ahead, my ticket would be lucky. On the back stretch and there came number 3. It shot up from 4th and into second place. Number 8 was coming up to 4th place and then shot up to 3rd. Number 6 shot up to tie number 8 and they were neck and neck. They were taking matching strides. They were coming closer and closer to the finish line. Number 8 and number 6 were still tied at the end.

It ended up coming to a photo finish. After waiting 20 minutes for the results of the race, number 1 was first, number 3 second and number 8 was third. My lucky ticket was really lucky.

I ended up wining $19.77. That was all the winnings I made that night but that ticket was very lucky and I know the next time I go to a horse race I will keep my eyes on the ground looking for lucky tickets.

What became of the nail I swallowed? Harry Walker

What became of the Nail I swallowed?
By Harry Walker
Given in handwritten form to
Peter William and Sarah O’Neill
On August 29, 2006

I was just a small boy when I swallowed a nail. The way it happened, I was imitating my dad, like a small boy often does.

When doing carpentry work, my dad would use his mouth as a third hand. He would line up a bunch of nails in his mouth with the points pointing out. He would then take one of these nails in one hand and hold it in place while he drove it into the wood with the hammer that he held in the other hand. Then he would take another nail from his mouth and continue in this way until the nails were all gone.

One morning I found a nail on the windowsill of the bed room where I slept. I put it into my mouth like dad, then jumped back into bed. The nail dropped back into my throat, and I accidentally swallowed it.

I had no fear when this happened. I did not worry at all. I knew nothing about the structure of the human body; and, if you look down someone’s throat, all you see is a black hole.

So you can see why I was not worried. Why would anyone be worried if a nail happened to disappear into a black hole?

However, I knew my mother well enough to know that she tended to get flustered and all worked up over minor incidents like this, so I decided it was best not to tell her. In fact, I didn’t tell any one although many years later I did tell my mother.

Did this nail pass through me? Did it dissolve inside me? I know nothing about body chemistry or, did it act as a tonic?

All I know is that I never suffered any discomfort of either mind or body because of this incident.

I don’t know whether my case is unique or not. Probably many persons have accidentally swallowed a nail.

I offer no theory as to why it turned out as it did. Personal theories, instead of being objective and impartial, are usually formulated to justify our own point of view. So theories often obscure the truth, rather than explain the truth.

Lessons from Horses Harry Walker

Lessons from Horses
By Harry Walker
Given in Handwritten form to
Peter, William and Sarah O’Neill
on August 29, 2006

When I was going to High School, I lived on a farm about four miles from the school which was located in the town of Stayner, ON.

Our farm was on a back road; and, in winter, such roads were not ploughed out – only the main roads were ploughed at that time (around 1940). The area where we lived was also considered to be somewhat of a snow belt.

However, about two miles away, was a railway line that ran into town that was always ploughed out. So, a neighbour boy, Leighton Grainger, and I, often rode horse back as far as this line, and then walked the rest of the way. At the tracks, we simply turned our horses loose.

These were farm work horses and of course, we had no saddles. We just rode bare back (such horseback riding is not really very comfortable, but it is better than tramping through deep snow.)

When we let our horses go, they always went back home. I have thought about this since then and now realize that these horses were choosing security and comfort ahead of freedom. Most tame or domestic animals will do the same thing.

Most people are also inclined to choose comfort and security ahead of freedom. I know that during my life, I have often made this choice myself.

But it is when we choose the other option that we make the most progress, and gain the most in understanding.

It is always easier to stay in familiar territory. It takes courage to try something new. We must take risks if we are to realize life’s potential; its possibilities.