Thursday, 25 October 2007

At Kougebaquak Sarah Melanson O'Neill age 8

At Kougebaquak

I saw a new sort of bird. I walked on one trail though the forest. There was lots of leaves on the ground. The guide told us about Kougebaquak. There could be bears in the forest and lots of different sorts of mushrooms.

There are seals. There were lots of trees. He taught is about lichens. he showed us some animals and their houses. It was a Karabou. There was a wolf too and a wolvorin but they didn't live in the tree.

There no rabits in the forest. There are only hirs. and the difransis are: when rabits are born they have no ferre and when hirs are born they have ferre. And in the spring hirs turn brown and rabits don't they stay their own colour.

A wolvolrin's pee is 10 times wers than a skunk.