Thursday, 25 October 2007

Redemption by Kevin Bell

Twelve years ago I was drinking at a lad's place. He and a couple of fellows were going to Calgary the next day. I got a spot of $500.00 from my dad and when I came to I was in a motel room in Alberta.

After a month of hard drinking, my credit card maxed out. It was time to find work. I worked two weeks got a pay then quit. I was all alone so I hopped to bus to Fort St. John B.C.

In Fort St. John, I hit the welfare system and kept partying, sleeping on floors and couches. One night while drinking I got invited out to a club. After finishing my 26er of white rum, I missed the cab ride; I decided to walk.

It was a cool night in December, snowing lightly, when seemingly out of nowhere a Native woman gently took my hand. My initial thought was that I was going to get lucky tonight.

She told me her name and said that she had a vision to meet me here. We walked off the road into a stand of trees; she asked me to place my hands on a particular tree, she then sang and chanted in her language. She told me that I was in the Peace River Valley for a reason and that she had a message for me. She told me that I had to get sober and she called me a “warrior of the truth”.

She gave me knowledge of spiritual values as opposed materialistic values. She opened my eyes. It didn't happen the next day but now I'm clean and sober. 

 Redemption is there for all of us.