Thursday, 25 October 2007

Lucky Ticket Brian Doyle age 13

My Lucky Ticket It was mid August when my family and I went to the Gold Cup & Saucer horserace in Charlottetown, PEI. I was very excited because last year I won $38.00 and this year I was hoping to win more.

When I was in line with my dad waiting to bet, I saw this lady drop her ticket so I went up and passed it to her. The lady said that it wasn’t hers but she said I could keep it. The rain was pouring down and I was soaking wet.

I read the ticket out loud. “1 to win 3 to place and 8 to show”.

The race began and number 1 was in the lead, 3 was in 4th and 8 was second last. I began to lose hope in that lucky ticket I found. I was worrying that the horses on that ticket wouldn’t win.

The horses were in the exact same places as they were at the beginning. If number 8 had enough strength to pull ahead, my ticket would be lucky. On the back stretch and there came number 3. It shot up from 4th and into second place. Number 8 was coming up to 4th place and then shot up to 3rd. Number 6 shot up to tie number 8 and they were neck and neck. They were taking matching strides. They were coming closer and closer to the finish line. Number 8 and number 6 were still tied at the end.

It ended up coming to a photo finish. After waiting 20 minutes for the results of the race, number 1 was first, number 3 second and number 8 was third. My lucky ticket was really lucky.

I ended up wining $19.77. That was all the winnings I made that night but that ticket was very lucky and I know the next time I go to a horse race I will keep my eyes on the ground looking for lucky tickets.