Thursday, 25 October 2007

Women Priests Phonse O'Neil age 97

Four thousand years ago, before the birth of Christ many people of that time were of peasant ancestry, having little or no education knew little about morals, values, or human rights. This was a cruel and evil world where man by way of the ruthless use of sword had become very powerful, very proud and a tyrant.

Man could do nothing wrong, did not have an equal, did not have to account to any power for he was the greatest, women were weaklings, who could be abused and used at will, deserving only contempt.

At a Lateran Council in the forth century a decision was made to ban women from ordination to the priesthood. These men did not obey God's commandment concerning unconditional love.These people judged women as unworthy, not worthy of God's gift of Holy Orders.

This ban is anti-God and a violation of God's great virtues namely humility love mercy and divine perfection and supernatural holy intelligence.This banned scorned all women, thus imposing on the conscience of Christianity two great evils that of false pride and hatred.

On implementing this ban these men committed the cardinal sin of exclusion for it in up to Almighty God to judge who is worthy of his Holy sacraments. If a woman has a vocation, that is between her and God and decisions made in the earthly realm should take a back seat.

Catholics the world over have prayed constantly for vocations to the priesthood but God has remained silent. This silence is natural because of the false pride that follows this ban.

These men at the council would not accept women into an institution in which they members. This would suggest equality.

It is almost unbelievable that there are so many children who will never know the presence of a parish priest, while at the same time, there are so many devout women well versed in Christian doctrine who are convinced they have been called to the priesthood.

The hierarchy must learn and live God's great virtue of humility for without this virtue love of God and love of thy neighbour is not possible. Equally important is that the church hierarchy must honour the truth that men and women are equals as each is endowed with an immortal soul.

God being all just, could not and did not elevate man as women's superior for this would be discrimination. This is something that is against God's great virtues of peace and harmony. When Catholics pray the Stations of the Cross we celebrate the humility of our Lord. The questions remains, do we the laity appreciate what God's plan is to do what is necessary to remove this ban on Women's ordination as a policy of our Catholic Church.