Thursday, 25 October 2007

Our thoughts have far reaching effect Harry Walker

Our thoughts have far reaching effect Harry Walker

Miramichi Leader Sept 27, 2007

We are all partly responsible for the condition that our world is in. Every action we take, every word we speak and even every thought we think has its effect in the world.

If you think that I am taking it too far when I say that every thought we think affects the world, then consider this: our actions and our words spring from our thoughts; and therefore, our thoughts, at least indirectly affect our world.

At the very least, it is obvious that our thought direction affect our individual lives.

For instance, our thoughts affect our appearance, our health, the expression on our face, the clothes we wear and our attitude towards everything and everybody.

All of this, of course, affects the people around us --- the people we interact with, and again, through the ripple effect, affects other people beyond those we personally come in contact with. In this way we make a contribution to the condition of the world we live in.

This contribution can be positive or negative; or more precisely a combination of both. So, we are all responsible, in some degree, for the condition that our world is in.

Let us not look for a scapegoat when things go wrong, but let is acknowledge our part in the mess. Mercy, compassion and forgiveness are much needed in our society. Nothing less can heal our wounds. We are paralyzed by self-righteousness.

The chaos theory in physics suggests that a butterfly fluttering its wings on one side of the planet affects the climate on the other side.

Then isn’t it considerably more reasonable to believe that our thoughts affect the mental and moral climate on the other side of our planet? Look at our history and we see that many people’s thoughts have had very far-reaching effects – indirectly at least, if not directly.